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What is Adepters?

Adepters was the name of the original mailing list, an invaluable resource for Arbortext customers since 1996.

The name of that mailing list was alloyed from the names of the Arbortext product series Adept, and the legendary mailing list for FrameMaker users, framers.

The significance of the Adepters name used to be mentioned on the Arbortext page on Wikipedia until some Marketing folks got hold of the page and it was speedily deleted by the Wikipedia monitors. Now this history is lost.


The Arbortext name came from a merging of the city name where their original HQ was located (Ann Arbor, MI) plus "text".

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Welcome to the home page of the Arbortext User Group, an independent group of Arbortext users. We no longer have active meetings. However, we have stored records of previous meetings on our YouTube Channel.

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